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Did you know that video will soon surpass all other forms of online traffic? That means you need to be creating video content if you want lots of traffic!

The problem is that making engaging videos used to be hard and expensive. But with our video production service, we’ll take your blog content and turn it into a professional 2-5 minute video – all at an affordable price!

Full Feature HD Video

Our streamlined process:

First, we’ll transform your content into a video script. Then we’ll film a professional spokesperson reading your content. Next, we’ll add high quality footage (b-roll), title cards, and images. This all results in a high quality HD video export 2-5 min in length at a fraction of the cost!

How it Works

Select Your Package

Just purchase a video package and give us a few details about your video.

Video Production

We’ll take your content, create an engaging video script, film, edit, and produce a high quality 2-5 min video.

HD Export & Delivery

We’ll deliver a HD quality export you can use to upload to YouTube, your website, or any video channel.

Select your package below!

iMS Spokesperson Video


We Transform Your Blog Post To A Video Script
Professional Spokesperson
Professional Images, Video B-Roll & Title Cards
Your “call to actions” placed at the end of the video
HD quality video export, 2-4 minutes in length
YouTube Ready

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iMS E-Commerce Product Video


Any number 1-100 can be ordered at $600 per video.

All packages include:
30 Second Script
Voice Over from Gender of Your Choice
Filming of Your Product
HD Quality Export

*You are responsible for the shipping logistics of your product. We will begin the filming process as soon as we receive your item.

You can ship to the below address:

Internet Maketing Solutions Video Production Team
8982 90th Terrace
Seminole, FL 33777

**If you would like return shipping, please include a return label. Items without a return label will not be sent back.

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Video Scripts


We Transform Your Blog Post To A Video Script.
Your “call to actions” are included at the end of the script.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to feel confident and secure in every purchase with us, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact your account manager within 30 days of receiving your report and we’ll work with you to make it right!

Frequently Asked Questions

We get expert quality b-roll from stock footage sources that we have a bulk license deal with. This allow you to take advantage of our affordable pricing!

We’ve found the sweet spot to be between 2-5 minutes for this type of informational video content. Any shorter, it doesn’t cover the topic. We’ve found that engagement drops off around the 5 min mark on these types of videos so we keep it under that!

We are limited to the Table/backdrop dimensions which are:
Max 53” tall x 64” wide

Our clients are in charge of their own shipping and the shipping cost(s). If they would like their item returned, they must include a return label in the box.

Mail to the address below:

Internet Marketing Solutions
Attn: Video Team
8982 90th Terrace
Seminole, FL 33777

We will email you upon receipt of your package.

Word count is around 50 words – we highlight the main points

Yes you can use your company logo in the video. 

You can also send us a link to any images or footage you would like to see used in your video.

The best type of content to submit is an informative blog post.

We need your seed content or blog post to transform it into a video. The blog post should be at least 500 words. If you need a blog post written for you, check out our iMS Blogger!

If you include a return label with post we will send your product back after the video is completed. If you do not include this, your item will not be returned.

Your video will be completed within 30 days of us receiving your package.

If you can mail it legally and it fits the dimensions we will accept it.

You can choose between male or female. You can also choose between casual, business casual, or business professional attire – however, we are limited on age and ethnicity options at the moment.

We will do our best to accommodate special requests.

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